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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  In light of recent world events that will once again put our service members at the forefront on the global war on terror, Team Alelo has decided to make a number our world-class language and cultural training tools directly available to all U.S. Military service members, including active and reserve, and civilians/contractors supporting the military effort, who have an email address ending in ".mil" (examples:,,, ).

Please note that this will be for a limited time only to help support our service members and their support teams. The period for the download and limited support will run from October 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015.

Downloadable courses include the "classic", stand-alone versions of our highly successful Tactical/Operational Language and Culture Training courses (Windows PC-based Tactical Iraqi, Tactical French, Tactical Pashto, Tactical Dari and Operational Indonesian).  You must register for a user account in order to download the software packages.  

You may also view information on Virtual Cultural Awareness Training (VCAT) courses hosted by Joint Knowledge Online (JKO).

Alelo would like to know how you learned of our products. You may add that information to your regular communication, or send it in an alternate message by choosing the 
Alelo Product Discovery contact form type using the "Category" pull-down menu on the Contact Support page. Your feedback is truly appreciated.

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