Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT): Africa, Afghanistan, South & Central America, Hispaniola, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Tawain

VCAT Browser Screen Shot

The Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer (VCAT™) teaches cultural skills specific to the following geographic / geopolitical locations: Horn of AfricaNorthern Africa, West AfricaAfghanistanSouth America, Central America, Hispaniola, the Caribbean, Tawain, and Southeast Asia. Trainees learn the most effective ways to complete missions in that region using culturally appropriate behaviors and key phrases. Missions covered include Civil Affairs Operations, Security Cooperation, Partner Forces Training, Humanitarian Operations, Illicit Trafficking Interdiction and more.

If you already have a JKO account, you may log-in with those credentials. (You will NOT use your Alelo DOD Support site login info at JKO.)To train with VCAT courses, visit Joint Knowledge Online at:

If you do not have a JKO account, register for one at the JKO website (linked above).

Then, do the following:

1.) Log into JKO

2.) From the Home page select the "Site Map" link

3.) In the Site Map navigation tree, select "DOD Organizations" > "Defense Agencies" > "Joint Knowledge Online" > "Culture and Language Training COI".
4.) On this page you will see references to a number of courses, including VCAT. Follow the link to the VCAT course on your region of interest:

  • AFR-J3OP-US850  VCAT (Virtual Cultural Awareness Trainer) Horn of Africa (HOA)
  • AFR-J3OP-US851 VCAT Northern Africa
  • J3OP-US1201 VCAT West Africa
  • J3OP-US852 VCAT Afghanistan
  • J3OP-US853 VCAT South America (enhanced version 2.0)
  • J3OP-US855 VCAT Central America
  • J3OP-US856 VCAT Hispaniola America
  • J30 P-US1200 VCAT Caribbean
  • J3OP-US858 VCAT Taiwan
  • J3OP-US859 VCAT Southeast Asia
  • J30P-US854 Operational Swahili

5.) For your chosen course, select "Credit"* or "No Credit". (*Note: If you chose "Credit" you will first see a list of your current courses.)
6.) Launch course
7.) Click "Start"
** You may be prompted to download the necessary browser plug-ins before the course will start.

Downloadable versions for Apple and Android mobile devices are also available for selected courses:

  • J3OP-US853 VCAT South America (mobile)
  • J30P-US855 VCAT Central America (mobile)
  • J3OP-US856 VCAT Hispaniola (mobile)

A VCAT fact sheet is available here: